12 responses to “Homemade Paisley Shirt”

  1. KerryCan

    That’s very impressive! I cannot even imagine making such a thing–I’ve tried to make clothes and just don’t seem to have the patience.

  2. Anouk van Burken (@KeysofAnouk)

    You did a great job! I always look up to people who can make their own clothes, ’cause I don’t have the patience for that haha. xo

  3. Caitlin

    Wow, that’s so awesome! I love that it’s a special, one-of-a-kind gift that by its nature, has your affection all wrapped up in it:) Great job!

  4. Rebecca

    It looks great – what a great gift!! I’ve been feeling the itch to start sewing again but I want to start with something easy. Collars are so tricky – also, I avoid things with too many buttonholes so way to go! :D

  5. Rachel

    What a wonderful and loving idea for a gift!

    Burda patterns are the best!

  6. CurlsnSkirls

    Lovely fabric & great sewing – congratulations!
    Thanks for visiting me blog, too!

  7. Becca/Ladyface Blog

    Oooh, it turned out great! Good work! I’m pretty skilled at sewing now, but when I started I was a mess! My first men’s shirt was a nightmare!

    Ladyface Blog

  8. Marieken

    Wow, that looks super! If I would have your sewing skills, I would be so happy.

  9. buttonsandbirdcages

    This is seriously AMAZING! Men’s shirts (and men’s clothes in general are tough), I have pretty much never made something like this so I am seriously impressed! I want to try but it’s SO intimdating

  10. Fashion Galleria

    Awesome birthday gift you did a good job. And very perfect cutting.

  11. Kati

    Wow, you did a seriously great job! I can’ believe you’ve made that yourself!


  12. Lisa

    Very impressive!
    I’ve actually started my first sewing project using a cut out pattern today and it’s only a simple top and already causing me hassle, so I can’t imagine tackling a shirt!

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