19 responses to “Experimenting With Fabric Paint: Potato Printing”

  1. andy


  2. Carina

    Wow this is such a cute idea! The shirt looks lovely! I had never thought that it’s DIY!

  3. allie

    this is a lovely idea! cute results<3

  4. Niki

    Cute!! I love the DIY :) And loving the pants! Who cares if they’re ‘out’?


  5. petal and plume

    what a fantastic idea! your blog is terribly lovely.

  6. Rachel

    That looks really nice! Like the kind of tops you get in Per Una (my mum loves Per Una lol)

  7. Anna

    I love it! you look amazing :) X Anna


  8. daniela

    what a cute idea! you could try tye-dying, that’s meant to be super fun xx

    1. jessthetics

      Thank you :) I love to tie dye! I’ve actually done a couple of posts on it https://jessthetics.wordpress.com/tag/tie-dye/ xx

  9. Kati

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
    I really like how it turned out, it looks pretty and cute!

    Have a great day,

  10. Amia Wheatley

    The potato printing turned out so well, your shirt looks wonderful! Love the pattern you did :)

  11. greenmilktea

    That is a very creative way to add a flare to a plain shirt. Good job!

  12. KyLee

    Such a good idea! And don’t worry, my disco pants are out and proud, I love them!

  13. onesweettuesday

    Fun idea! I’d give it a try.

  14. Alexandra

    Wow, I really love how this came out !! Great job ! I must do this with my daughter

  15. Chelsea

    The top looks really good! It’s hard not living with you Jess, noone can edit my clothes for me. And because I miss you anyway! :-)
    Your so tanned!

    1. Chiaki L'Argent

      Super cute! :) I remember stamping fabric with potatoes as a little girl. It’s great fun! xx


  16. ronyshapira

    that’s such a creative idea! and the blouse came out beautiful!!

  17. CurlsnSkirls

    Really FANTASTIC ! ! !del

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