13 responses to “Experimenting with Fabric Paint: Painting a Scene”

  1. Amanda Rose (@SewMuchToSay)

    Your hair is so pretty! Love the DIY, too!

  2. Hi Tea Style

    Wow, great job! Very impressive! Have a great time in Paris!

  3. craftymadre

    It looks great! Thanks for the pointers.

  4. Nol

    This looks great, you have a talent for painting! Hope you enjoy Paris :)

  5. Rachel

    Wow! It looks so professional and tropical <3

  6. Caitlin

    This is really awesome! I’m not near as good of an artist, but maybe if I get a pre-drawn stencil or something I could make this work. Also, eeeee Paris!!! I’m headed there in less than a month myself – we’re doing a big two-week Europe adventure, heading to Berlin, Freiburg, Paris, Venice & Rome. Tell us all about Paris so I can steal your ideas for my trip;)

    1. jessthetics

      I definitely will! If you want to know anything in particular, feel free to ask! xx

  7. Carina

    Wow this is oh so cuuute! I like this shirt even more than the other DIY one you showed some posts ago. You are so talented! My handpainted shirt would probably look like a colourful mess if I tried it ;)

    I’d like to invite you to my Firmoo giveaway, you can win lovely glasses/sunglasses:


  8. Anouk van Burken (@KeysofAnouk)

    What a cute t-shirt! I really love it :) xo

  9. Fashion Galleria

    Wow so cute and creative !!

  10. CurlsnSkirls

    Lovely concept & gorgeous execution – congratulations!
    What kind of fabric paint did you use?
    Have been itching to do some meself, and I’m one who appreciates a good bleeding paint… strange, I know. ;-)

    1. jessthetics

      Thank you! I use dylon fabric paint :)

      1. CurlsnSkirls

        Thanks! Have looked for it online, but it doesn’t seem to be available over here. Pooh! But there are alternatives, so all’s not lost.

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