9 responses to “Packing for Beach Holidays”

  1. Kati

    I love the white sandals and the floral bikini so much!!

    Have a fantastic weekend,

  2. Fashion Galleria

    Great post !! Love the ankle bootls in the first photo and the bikini (floral print) so much. I wanna have them.

  3. patricia

    Nice pieces!! Love so much the boots!! I hope you enjoy your holidays!

  4. tapeparade

    Great tips!! Those white sandals are totally lovely :) XXX

  5. Belphoebe

    These are some lovely tips! I adore those cut out boots that you have :) and I know what you mean about heels, very unwise!

  6. Rachel

    This is so useful! Thanks for the share! I am ALWAYS packing too much!

  7. katie

    Such a great idea about the travel clothes.. and very true about the heels… :)
    “Bumble Speaks”>

  8. Sarah

    These are some great guidelines. I always fall into the trap of packing heels and then never wearing them! And they take up sooo much space too xx

  9. Marieken

    Lovely post, and you have a lovely wardrobe! That pool looks like a dream, it’s so warm over here. Thanks for stopping by at my blog yesterday and taking the time to leave a comment.

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