10 responses to “What I Wore: Patterned Tights”

  1. kashaya

    Cute look.=) Really love your hat.

  2. Jessica Neumann

    Nice style

    New post on my blog:

  3. milex

    that’s just too awesome to handle it

  4. Kati

    Thanks for your kind words on my last post!
    You are so gorgeous and your outfit so absolutely stunning! Love the tights!
    Also adore your hair today.
    I would love to stay in touch!

    Have a great day,

  5. Arlette

    Very nice look.. I love the elephant necklace!

  6. Many Cha Cha Michelle

    The outfit is great but the shoes, especially, are knockout!

  7. Charlotte Piears (@FashionGirl134)

    Your outfit is so lovely! I’m completely in love with your hat (I wish I suited hats as much as you)!
    – Charlotte

  8. Simplelifeandstyle

    That’s so chic style and really love your ombre hair color.

  9. Laura

    This outfit is just so adorable! I love that hat and tights especially – so cute!


  10. liliyangblog

    Fabulous outfit and very cute necklace!

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