7 responses to “What I wore: Mint and denim”

  1. Berries

    You look wonderful in mint! It’s so lovely stylization.
    Can I ask You to like my fanpage? If You have got, give me the link and I will do the same:)

  2. Rachel

    That bed jacket is lovely! It does look very floaty and princess-like! I am also going through a mint phase. I’m glad I’m not the only one! And YAY All Saints! God I love All Saints! If I had endless supplies of dosh I would go on crazy shopping sprees in All Saints!

  3. buttonsandbirdcages

    Very cute – love that you mixed the girly skirt and boots!

  4. Kati

    Thanks for your lovely words, it is much appreciated!
    I’m also a sucker for long jackets so naturally, I love your outfit! The skirt has a truly beautiful colour!

    Have a great day,

  5. tapeparade

    Ooooh such a pretty mint colour! I love long jackets as well, that one is such a find. XX


  6. daniela

    love the bed jacket – so floaty and ethereal! xx

  7. KyLee

    I absolutely love the mint and denim combo, and I like how the heavy boots kind of balance the lightness of the dress and jacket. Sooo pretty!

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