7 responses to “What I Wore: Blue Braces”

  1. mariana

    I really like your hairstyle and red lips ! And yes , comfy clothes are the best =)
    Now following you! Hope you have the chance to visit my blog and follow back

  2. buttonsandbirdcages

    These are adorable – I heard overalls are in this season, so way to go! After reading your post I totally wanna spend my day tomorrow reading in the park – that sounds AMAZING! I just graduated and dont have a job yet so it sounds like a perfect way to spend the day!

  3. Simplelifeandstyle

    Really nice outfit. Love it

  4. Render Sublime

    You’re a lucky girl to get that ring for your birthday!!! Love it xxx

  5. Rachel

    Yes! Braces are the best!

  6. kashaya

    Great outfit.=)

  7. Katlyn

    Your blog is adorable! I love all of the beautiful rings you have on :)


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