13 responses to “What I Wore: 70s Tassels”

  1. NotClaire

    I adored your entire outfit and your post, but I just wanted to tell you how much I love your hair and how you have it styled in these photos. And I can’t even go on to tell you how much I love your skirt and your rings.

  2. milex

    Bradford, do you ever been here? e-mail mi if you want :) milexfc@yahoo.com

  3. Rachel

    I think you can get ‘ring adjusters’ which are bits of transparent plastic you can use to bulk out the ring. I don’t know how good they are though!

  4. andrearm92

    ideal visita mi blog y sigueme http://www.dreamonheels.wordpress.com

  5. Kri

    Perfection in every way <3

  6. Milly

    Lovely adore the top

  7. bianca

    love your outfit, it is so great


  8. kashaya

    Great outfit, I love the print of the skirt and the top is great!

  9. Render Sublime

    ooooh I wish I was from the 70’s, life would be so good! The best part here are your ebay scores – your shoes! Love them :)

  10. Blythe

    Awesome outfit! It is very 70’s. Those are great shoes.

  11. Katie

    wow this outfit is quite unique and lovely <3 you look stunning :)

  12. Carina

    So cute and hippie chic! I love the ethno print on the skirt and your ombre hair!

  13. Laura

    Absolutely love this 70’s look – the tassels are just so perfect! I love that skirt too, so boho pretty!


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