19 responses to “DIY Tassel Rug”

  1. Megan Belcher

    Well done!

  2. Becca

    Ooh! This is lovely! What a great idea.

    Ladyface Blog

  3. Kati

    Thanks for your kind words on my last post!
    Ooh, this is so adorable!!

    Have a fantastic day,

  4. Katie

    wow this rug is amazing !

  5. monicaharmony

    Absolutely stunning!

    Monica Harmony’s Blog

  6. Anna

    WOW, you did a really good job!
    Love, Anna


  7. Kashaya

    Well done.=) Great idea

  8. Chiaki L'Argent

    What a lovely rug! :)

  9. Ladyulia

    oh my you are so creative, but I am a little bit confious with the tassel. ho wto tie the last pict of tassel step?

    1. jessthetics

      Thank you! With your extra piece of wool, you just do a normal overhand knot around the top of the tassel. The ends of the extra piece of wool should just then hang down and blend with the rest of the tassel – if it doesn’t you can give it a trim! I hope that helps :)

  10. sharonesprague

    That’s very creative. And the print really is fun. Love it.

  11. Render Sublime

    Your DIY’s are seriously insane! So handy, so cool xxx

  12. Mum

    Wow! How really clever and creative – I especially like the way the red tassels empahsise the bright colours.

  13. Michelle

    Great idea! I love this because it makes your print/design options almost unlimited as opposed to buying a stock rug print. Thanks for sharing! xo

  14. patricia

    ohh, love the idea!!!! congratulations!

  15. daniela

    man you’re good! i feel all creative when i make a sandwich…xx

  16. Berries

    WOW! Gorgeous DIY!

  17. Rachel

    This is so lovely! The fabric and the red wool go perfectly together – nice job lady! xx


  18. jojor2012

    I love this DIY! I just love to make tassels! Definitely going to put this on the ‘must make’ list now! XXX

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