Upcycling: How to Make A Dress Backless

I very rarely make my own clothes from scratch. However, I hate throwing away clothes, and my clothes are always ripping so I make a lot of alterations! My friend Chelsea asked me to make one of her dresses backless and I realised that this would be a great way to change any old dress you have that you’re bored of. You get new clothes without having to buy any new clothes. What could be better?

Chelsea 1

Now I’ll show you how I made Chelsea’s dress backless. Athough her dress is bodycon, this would also work with non-bodycon dresses. This is how Chelsea’s dress looked before:

Chelsea 2

You will need:
An old dress
A needle and thread (the thread needs to be a similar colour to your dress)
1 meter of bias binding (this should be a similar colour to your dress but lighter)
Sewing machine (optional)

Step 1: Fold the dress in half, and draw the shape that you would like the cut out to be onto one half of the dress. Then trace this line, and draw it onto the other side of the dress. This is the easiest way to make sure that the cut out will be even!

Chelsea 3

Step 2: Cut out the backless shape. If you have lining, you should pin the lining and the outside of the dress together at this point.

Chelsea 4

Step 3: Tack the bias binding onto the inside of the dress, along the edge that you have just cut out. Make sure that you tack it on at least a centimeter away from the edge.

Chelsea 5

Step 4: Fold the extra cm of fabrc over onto the bias binding, and tack it down. This will mean that you have a nice clean seam.

Step 5: Sew both sides of the bias binding onto the dress.If you have a sewing machine, you should use it at this point!

Chelsea 6Chelsea 7

And there you go! I hope you have fun altering your clothes. And if you want to see more of Chelsea’s pretty face, (or back) you can find her at You’re On Loudspeaker

8 responses to “Upcycling: How to Make A Dress Backless”

  1. Rachel

    This is so clever (and brave lol). Blackless dresses look so sexy! Upcycling is the best!

  2. allie

    woah! love the backless diy<3

  3. Trendsurvivor

    You have a lovely back and it looks gorgeous. Thank you for you lovely comment. Nice blog. Would you like to follow each other through bloglovin?

  4. trendiing

    Thanks for comment on our blog! :)
    Nice tip!!


  5. Alison

    Wow great job!!

  6. Fashion Girl Blog (@FashionGirl134)

    This is such a great idea! I might try that out myself!
    – Charlotte

  7. dani

    Could you possibly give me advice about turning a play suit backless. Thanks :-) :-)

    1. jessthetics

      Hi Dani! I think you can still use this tutorial for a playsuit, but you might want to make the cut out shorter and thinner depending on how you want your playsuit to look. I hope that’s helpful, and if you have any specific questions do let me know!

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