Fur lined mittens

If, like me, you’ve realised that Christmas is really soon and you have no money but haven’t bought any presents yet, don’t worry, I have a solution! You can handmake presents! I made these mittens for a friend . Not only are they cheap and easy to make (even though they look fancy) but hand making presents is such a nice gesture.

You will need: Fabric for mittens (I used 30cm), lining for mittens (again, 30cm), needle and thread, scissors, and a pencil and paper. (Sewing machine optional.)

Step 1: Draw around your hand, with your thumb outstretched and your fingers together, so that you have a mitten shape! Make sure you leave room around the outside of the shape for the seam. To do this, I made my outline an inch wider all the way around the shape that I actually wanted the mittens to be. Also, make sure thet the hole at the bottom is plenty big enough to fit your hands in. If you get this wrong it is a nightmare to fix.

Step 2: Cut out 4 mitten shapes from the lining and 4 mitten shapes from the outer fabric. Half of each should be the opposite way round. The outer fabric should be about half an inch longer at the bottom than the lining. You should have a set of cut outs that look like this:

Step 3: Sew the each half of a mitten to its lining, making sure that you have the right side of the fabric on the outside! This step isn’t strictly necessary, but I find it easier to do it this way. Next, fold the bottom of the outer fabric over the lining and sew together. You should end up with something that looks like this:
Step 4: The final step is to sew each half of the mitten to the other half! Then unpick any threads that you used to tack the fabric together, and trim any excess fabric. Then turn the mittens inside out, and you are finished. Yay!

Are you hand making any gifts this year?

2 responses to “Fur lined mittens”

  1. Rachel

    Oh wow! These look great! It’s too late for me to make these this year but I know a friend who would love these!

  2. Carina

    Oh boy every time i see DIYs like yurs I think to myself “I need to learn sewing!!” :)

    I also crafted some christmas presents myself this year, but as i cannot sew, i went for selfmade candle jars :)

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