7 responses to “Sugar, spice, and everything nice”

  1. rovinglights

    Hi, I just noticed your email on the comment you left on my blog. Would that be York university by any chance? I’m starting university next autumn and I have an offer from York (so excited) so I was just wondering :) You’re blog is really cute by the way. I love the halloween costumes – such a good idea! I never know what to dress as. xx

    1. jessthetics

      Thank you :) Yes, I go to York Uni! I’m in my third year, and I don’t want to leave :( Feel free to email me if you want to ask anything about York!

  2. Melissa

    The Powerpuff Girls were the best! I miss that show.

    <3 Melissa

  3. Kathy

    I loveeeeeee The Powerpuff Girls. I still have a picture of them hanging on my wall and I’m 21. Haha. Buttercup was my favorite! You guys did a great job.

  4. Selina

    I did! and that is so very creepy and awesome.


  5. Sushi (@leblogdesushi)

    Haha cute costume idea! x Sushi

  6. amber

    i watched it!! and i loved it and miss it! they’re so cute.

    very cool eye makeup, wow! happy birthday to your friends!


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