7 responses to “Guy Fawkes”

  1. Melissa

    mmm these look amazing! We don’t celebrate Guy Fawkes day here in the US.

    <3 Melissa

  2. Rachel

    Hi – saw you on Rookie!

    These look great! I have always wanted to make toffee (and chocolate) apples but have never been brave enough! Lol is that toffee dipped mushroom too? How did that taste?

    1. jessthetics

      Haha, I didn’t try the mushroom one’s but I bet they weren’t very nice!

  3. Amber

    YUMMM, these look so delicious! Thanks for the recipe! Can’t wait to make them… I love fall foods. We don’t celebrate Guy Fawkes here in the US, kind of wish we did though. Jealous that you live in England! The English always fascinated me… where in the north do you live? I’m not that familiar, but I’m familiar with Northumberland, kind of. Must be getting cold there! Hope you’re doing well, dear.

    xox, Amber

    1. jessthetics

      Aww, let me know if they turn out okay :) I live in York ,so that’s a little south of Northumberland. I love it here, it’s so pretty! It’s freezing though you’re right, sometimes my fingers go numb when I’m inside the library.

  4. issey

    when i tried to make toffee apples last year i burnt the toffee HAHA! This is such a nice tutorial! can i put a link to this on my blog?


    1. jessthetics

      Of course you can! xx

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