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  1. Cherie

    Such great pictures! I think I’d really like the vibe of SF over LA personally but I wouldn’t know until I got there like you. Seems like you both found great places for food, but I think the cities you went to are great for vegan options anyway. South Indian curries are the *best* curries, and that’s what we have in Malaysia too ^_^ I can’t stomach the thicker and milky curry we have in the UK, it’s just not for me!

  2. Laura

    san francisco seems so pretty – i love your photos! need to catch up with all yur other posts as well. and i was just telling someone i can never figure out tipping in different places. i never tip and think it’s such a pain to figure out how much to give, haha! xx

  3. Laila

    Such stunning pictures Jess! As soon as I say the first one I wondered if those were the painted ladies. The food sounds incredible too!

  4. lastyearsgirl

    The whole place just looks like your aesthetic to a tee, how interesting that you didn’t warm to it as much as you did LA! But then I suppose it isn’t all that surprising – it’s the people that you meet that make a place feel like home, I find.


  5. coffeeandcleveland

    San Francisco is my favorite city in the USA, and tied for my top cities in the world. I loved looking at all your photos. I wish I had this blog and was more into photography when I was there. My aunt and uncle live there so I have to go back. I’ve never been to LA, but it doesn’t seem like a place I’d like. I was kind of surprised to see that you really liked it!

    What is a “half beer?” When I was in SF I wanted a diet coke but there were no drinks on the menu, so I asked, “Do you have pop?” Pop is what we call soda in Cleveland. The waitress gave me the weirdest look, so I asked, “Diet Coke?” Then she understood. :)

  6. Kasie Chelanne

    San Francisco really is such a welcoming and beautiful city. I love spending time up there, as it is quite different form LA where I live! I have to agree with you though, I ultimately like LA better!

  7. Alexandra Consolver

    Ah so fun to see this one since we went there too. I just looooved the Japanese garden. I could have stayed there all day it was so gorgeous. :) I’m so glad that you enjoyed it too! Sounds like you had a great time. For me it was a bit too bustling, but I am still glad that we got to visit. XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  8. Franca

    I would love to go to SF! Sadly my hubbie refuses to consider a flight longer than 3 hours with our boys!

  9. kirstyleannee

    Beautiful photos! I have no idea why but over the last few months San Francisco has been working it’s way up to the top of my ‘places I need to visit’ list. Fingers crossed I get to to go soon!

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